Thursday, April 19, 2012

Diaper explosion!

We had one of those diaper blowouts this morning.  You know the sort- they not only squish out the legs, but out the front and back as well.  How can a little baby produce so much poop?

It was actually kind of comical, especially since I had her resting over my belly, her stomach on my stomach, and when I lifted her up I realized the front of her shirt was completely soaked with liquid poo- the bright yellow breastmilk kind.  I wasn't expecting that!

But hey, she got her third real bath of her life today!

You know, motherhood... it can be stressful, but I have found that laughter is the best medicine (well, after prayer) for that. In the beginning of my motherhood journey, that sort of thing would have totally ruined my day.  (Honestly, I probably wouldn't have known how to deal with it without getting poop everywhere!)  Instead, my husband and I just rolled with it, laughing and joking.

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Jeanette said...

She sure is super super cute! Such a blessing...poop and all!!

Arlene said...

I don't think you're any different than most moms. I know with my oldest a diaper explosion put me in panic mode, but by the youngest it was true hysteria. You know what they say, live and learn.

My, doesn't this little sweetheart look just like her Mommy! Which is so cute, since Evie is a snapshot of her daddy! LOL!

Livingmydreams said...

We still have those with my exclusively breastfed almost 8 month old. Let me tell you...she can go a LOT!!
If I would have had that with #1 I would have been all grossed out trying to get clothes and diaper off...with #4 I just smile, giggle, then get to work! Funny how experienced motherhood can put you at so much ease. Sometimes I feel like I really missed out on things with my first because I stressed out over the silliest and simplest things!