Friday, May 18, 2012

It's time to {tea} party!

 I had promised Merika that, as her (9th) birthday party, we would go to the local tea room with some of her girl pals.  We did that yesterday and followed it with some yummy "froyo" at Menchie's.

We all got "prettied up", including me.  I haven't worn a dress in forever, but I donned one for today's festivities.  I grew up wearing only skirts and dresses, but now wearing a dress just feels... awkward.  I wear skirts now and then, but dresses just aren't a reasonable thing for me to wear since I'm nursing, so the dress has to have easy boob access (and most of them don't) since I can't just lift up my whole dress in a public place to breastfeed. I mean, I'm all for nursing in public, but that'd probably be taking it a little too far, right?  It's one thing to flash a little breast while nursing (although I almost always use a cover in public), but a whole 'nother to flash your undies.

Tea date this morning! I haven't worn a dress in a while, y'all! This also serves as my 2 month postpartum photo. Don't pass out, but I am actually wearing.... heels.  The things I do for my daughter. #teaparty

I also had on heels, which made my hubby all excited, but I ended up tossing them aside just before we left for a cute pair of flip flops. I often wonder how I managed to wear them suckers. Heels are completely impractical and insane.  After having Evie, I decided heels were stupid torture devices women impose on themselves, and the half-hour I had them served as a reminder!

My gals and I are ready to {tea} party!! All prettied up for Merika's tea party (a belated birthday party)

The girlies looked super cute in their matching dresses (my mom bought them from the Children's Place, but I often find matching outfits for infants, toddlers, and girls on Zulily.  And, of course, Evie had to wear her "tea" hat. I love these faces! Ah! They are so awesome!

My friend Rebecca and I sat at one table, and the girlies sat behind us.  (I was waiting for Rebecca and her daughter Hava to show up when I took this.)

Analisa and Merikalyn

Oh-my-gosh-y'all, how sweetly southern is she with that pinky?

Like I said, we went to Menchie's afterwards and, yum!  I should mention Rebecca and I are total goof balls... which is why I love hanging out with her. She's pregnant with her SIXTH child, FYI. This will be her FIFTH boy. Havilah is her only girl! (That's Hava sticking out her tongue in the background.)

(That's Nanci's daughter, Emily, on the right. She's a giant eleven-year-old. She's taller than I am!)

BAHAHAHA. Yep, we're dorky, but you know you love us anyway.

I love Emily!!!

And, lastly, CAN YOU BELIEVE MY BABY IS TWO MONTHS OLD (yesterday)???

*Sigh*  I love her.

I feel pretty content with our family size, and really, right now, the thought of another child kind of makes me panic a little.... but I usually feel that way the first months after giving birth.  I just can't imagine having another baby really soon (remember, Evangeline was nine months old when we conceived Jubilee), but I do know that if God did give us another wee one, we would be super excited.  I mean, I hyperventilated a little when I found out we were pregnant with Jubilee, but of course, now I'm thrilled to have her, so it would be the same if we had another baby.  I always look back and think, "MAN! What if we were have stopped with two.. or three... or.."  I'm really grateful for each and every child God has so graciously given to us.

Last night I was snuggling my kiddos before bed, and I realized my oldest son's cheeks are still super baby-soft and kissable... and they aren't going to be that way for much longer.  I had to smother him in kisses, and he had to pretend it was annoying, but I know he loved it.

Kids are awesome, aren't they?

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