Tuesday, May 8, 2012


My little Merikalyn turned NINE over the weekend, so we celebrated by shopping for a new wardrobe!  I am so blessed to have such an amazing daughter.  She's sweet, generous, friendly, kind-hearted, helpful, thoughtful, and loves the Lord!

✨ Birthday Girl!! ✨ she's NINE today!! Donuts & kolaches!!
Birthday donuts and kolaches! NOM!

Snotty nosed baby!!! Good morning sweet baby!!
She loves her sissy!! 10000 Reasons #praise #ilovejesus #jesus #worship

A really sweet gal sent us some cute knit caps and hair goodies.  We are so spoiled!

Such a cute headband thanks to @breannaschultz !!  We all have our hair pretties on @breannaschultz ❤

Poor girl.  So much like her Mama it's scary.

Lol!!! Hottie!!! :)
#widn Bible study while my kids act silly  #whatimdoingnow #whatimdoingrightnow 

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