Saturday, May 19, 2012

Whatcha eatin'?

This is where I post pictures of food we have eaten recently and neglect posting a recipe.  Yep, it's that kind of entry.

Friday, I took all the spinach we hadn't yet juiced and stewed it in the cast iron skillet.

It was gooood, y'all.  I've never been a big fan of any sort of greens cooked like this until my husband stewed cabbage for me a couple weeks back... and now I'm addicted.

One of my favorite snacks- guacamole spread on a piece of toast with a tomato on top. (And sprinkled with some Tony Chachere's, sha'!)

I like Dippin' Dots icecream, but I don't like all the junk that's in it.  This is my version of Banana Dippin' Dots, which is pretty much one of the easiest recipes in the world.  Freeze a banana.  Then throw it in the food processor. Wah-lah.

We've been juicing twice a day.  This one had all sorts of things in it, like spinach, kale, cucumber, a sweet pepper, an apple, celery, lemon, and couple carrots.

Last Saturday, I whipped together a Sweet Potato Pie with meringue topping and it was deeeelish.  I could eat it all day for every meal. And, I made a double pie crust so I could have lots of dough to snack on. I like pie crust.

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ChatCat57 said...

Did you eat the pie crust bake or raw dough?

Either way... sounds like my daughter!!

Love you Stinky-pot!