Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh 'Vangeline

Our little Evangeline is a hoot.  She's so deliciously chubby- those puffy cheeks, that pooching belly, the rolls on her thighs. She's a happy sigh.

I stumbled out of my bedroom this morning in a sleepy stupor and was greeted with a gleeful shriek, "Mama! Mama!!!" as she came toddle-running at me, arms held out wide.  I scooped her up in my arms, received the tightest squeeze she could muster, and buried my face in her neck.  I never get tired of this.

She had been wearing the same shirt for three days.  You know how toddlers are- when they like something, they really, really like it and want to wear it  I changed her diaper and put her in her Mother-Ease (cloth) pull-ups (they are called "Sandy's") for the day.

She poked and prodded her little sister a bit, stole her pacifier, sheepishly returned it when I called her out on it, and then sang sweet little songs in some foreign language to her "Woobee" (Jubi) baby.

She has this new thing of dragging a chair around to reach (get into) whatever she's interested in at the moment. She uses it to climb into her highchair, crawl onto counter tops, reach things in the pantry, snag a cookie dough ball off a pan sitting on the stove top.

{Cookie Dough Thief!}

Today, she pulled a chair over to assist with breakfast.  She wanted to put the frozen waffles into the toaster.

It's amazing how things change, seemingly overnight. It's like she woke up last week and decided she was going to be a big girl.  If I'm doing something in the kitchen, she wants to help.... or she's at least going to climb into her seat and wait until I put something to eat in front of her.

She loves going potty too.  We practiced elimination communication with her as a baby (part time), and so she's always been pretty familiar (and comfortable with) using the potty. In fact, many mornings (like this one), she will pull off her Sandy's and go running to the bathroom.... every five or so minutes!

Evangeline is a good sleeper too.  She usually lets me know when she's ready for a nap.  She trots into the bedroom she shares with her big sister Merika, and I lift her into her bed.  Pretty soon she'll be sleeping in a big girl bed.  Sometimes she sleeps with Merika or naps on Merika's bed.  I confess, I'm a little sad that she's moving out of her little travel lite pack'n'play, but we are going to need it for Molly Jo Jubilee soon.  (I find it hard to co-sleep with a little heater baby during these summer months.  Jubilee usually sleeps in the crook of my arm until I wake up all sweaty and move her to a bouncer beside my bed.)

Evangeline wants to do whatever the biggers are doing.  So if her brothers and sister are playing outside, she wants to as well. If they are biking, she wants to.  If they are painting... oh, she definitely wants to.

Evie is 21 1/2 months old right now.  It's weird because... wasn't it just yesterday that she was Jubilee's size?  We have a family reunion coming up this weekend, and I realized that last reunion, Keagan was Evie's age.  In those three years, we have added two little girls to our family! 

That kind of blows my mind, yanno?

Ah, well, I'd better go.  There's a little chubby toddler who needs to potty!

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Arlene said...

Evie is getting big so fast! What color is her hair? Sometimes she looks blonde, and other times she looks like a red-head.

Hoping for pictures of all three girls together (hint hint!).