Friday, July 27, 2012

Men don't hear crying babies...

I just spilled my coffee, and immediately, my (sleeping) husband bolted out of bed, running to grab a towel to soak it up.  I laughed because, yanno how men are- a screaming baby won't wake them up, but certain (slight!!!) sounds will have them bounding out of bed in a second.  A couple years ago were heard this little THUNK by the front door, and Brandon (who was out cold) rolled out of bed with his gun in hand in a matter of seconds, and was peeking around the corner to see who was invading our house.  Turned out it was just a frame that had fallen off the wall, but I can tell you- it was comforting that the man who didn't even flutter his eyes or flinch when I was yelling in his face "WAKE UP, WAKE UP" and shaking his body will indeed wake up if there's a real (or presumed) threat to the home... or coffee about to drown my iPhone and ruin the carpet.

I love that man! :)

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Gloria said...

Oh yes, we know just what you are talking about things that go bump in the night and you are very sure you have a invader. Twice we also had a picture fall off the wall and once a real invader that was doing some damage in the house but found out after our blood pressure was off the charts, that it was a raccoon that had come down the chimney. What a heart stopping surprise. Brandon seems to have all the symptoms of being the perfect man!!