Monday, September 10, 2012

Counting down!

You know that "too good to be true" feeling?  I'm totally getting that right now. I'm so excited about moving to our little "McCottage" on twelve acres.  I'm excited about putting our personal touch on the place- painting, new cabinet hardware, and such.  I'm excited about arranging our furniture, especially since we bought a few new pieces.  I'm excited about all the stuff we've gotten rid of too- which is (literally) half of our belongings.  Yesterday someone came by and loaded a garageful of our stuff onto a truck to take to their church garage sale. Saturday a neighbor bought some of our furniture and took it away. We're still looking for a new home for our beautiful sturdy pine bunk bed set (includes bunky boards and mattress and comes with matching "crate" shelving), but the rest of the furniture we want to get rid of is spoken for (our bedframe, headboard, and footboard, the beautiful blue armoire Brandon made, the piano...) or gone (thanks to our neighbors).

I still have about 8-10 boxes/bins to go through which have been stowed away in the garage ever since we moved here.  I'm really amazed by how much stuff we have managed to get rid of! I've just come to the conclusion that if I'm not using it, I don't really need it, and there's really no sense in keeping stuff just for the "memory".

We had so much stuff we held on to simply because we had the space, so that stuff had to go. It's easy to hold on to decor or children's outgrown clothing when you can stack it in a garage or closet, but every bit of space in the new place is needed.

Check out a pile of stuff we got rid of:

There was about 8-10 trash bags stuffed full, a bunch of boxes loaded up, and various other toys and such mingled in as well as furniture pieces. Now it's gone! (Not the bikes, though! We aren't getting rid of those!) Whew! I just need to go through those boxes behind Brandon, and I'll be done sifting through my stuff.  Brandon has A LOT of stuff to go through (which is on the right side of the garage, not pictures here). His tools have taken over half of the garage, and he also has to dig stuff out of the attic.

Packing the stuff inside the house should be a breeze. I've packed a couple boxes in each room, but now we're down to the final week before our move.  We don't have to be out until September 30th, but we're taking a week move and a week to clean up the place (repaint and have the place professionally cleaned).

I confess, moving used to create all sorts of anxiety for me because I was not very organized and was always easily overwhelmed.  We've moved so much over the last 10 years that I've become pretty efficient at it!

This time it's been extra fun as we filter out things we no longer need and shop for deals on things we'd like in the new place.  I'm really excited about having wood laminate throughout our home! Carpet is not a large family's friend, especially if you're living out in the country!

We did find this awesome rug at Lowe's the other day!

It matches the pillows I bought for our chairs a while back! It's such a soft rug, and the kids wanted to sleep on it!

I can't to show y'all progress photos of the new place! I have the befores and am ready to show you some "afters"! :)

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Gloria said...

I am so happy for yall that you are finally getting your country place that you have always dreamed about. Congratulations. Sounds like you are working hard but it will soon be a nice place for all of you to enjoy, especially the kids. They will be free to run and play. Anxious to see the final results.
Hugs to all of you. Aunt Gloria