Monday, September 17, 2012

Home Sweet Home adventures

It has begun.
The moving, that is....

The last couple miles to our new home is so relaxing.  There's no city, only a couple lights, no billboards calling out for my attention.  It's calming to pass the horses grazing in the fields and roll under the canopy of trees.  I know this will be the enjoyable part of Brandon's daily drive home from work, once he's gotten beyond the city traffic, the chaos of the parking lot highways and insanity of the 610 and beltway loops.  Ahhhhh.

We started loading things into my van Saturday morning. That afternoon, my friend Becky helped me do some work out there as our kiddos played together.  Boy, did our children have a blast!  Becky has five kids around the same age as my children, so you can imagine all the fun they have!

On the way around our soon-to-be-old neighborhood, we passed a garage sale, and I saw one of those little kiddo cars I've been wanting to get Evie for her birthday but didn't want to spend $50 on! She was so excited, and had a blast riding in it when we got out to the land.

Evie is getting used to the two Britney Spaniels the owners have. She's not really an animal person, but these dogs are incredibly sweet and not the jump-on-you, lick-you-to-death sort, so I think these will be just the pooches to transform our little Evie into a dog-person.

While Becky and I wiped down cabinets and put things away, our babies played on a quilt together.

Jubilee was pretty fussy as she didn't get a good nap the entire day (she kept falling asleep when it was time to go somewhere, so she'd wake up when I changed her diaper and put her in her carset... and didn't fall asleep in the car at all).  Joshua (who is a month older), did really well!

Side note- Molly Jo Jubilee is SIX months old today! Happy Half-A-Year Birthday, girlie!

The older girls helped load up my van with things for our craft room/library and then helped clean the shelving and put away the items once we got there. They were a huge help!

The boys had a blast romping outside. I see many adventures taking place here!

Becky's twins, Jacob and Joseph, with Nolyn

They found the little pond and were eager to cross the fallen tree that acts as a bridge.

They came running in to tell us they found a trampoline, and boy, was that thrilling! Everyone ran out to give it a try!

While we were out there, we met a couple of our neighbors. They are kind of hairy.

This one is a little mysterious with his masked face! I'm not sure if these are llamas are alpacas, but I'm thinking it's a llama, just because it seems taller than an alpaca would be and it's ears seem to be more... llamay. (New word there!)

Here's one of my favorite parts about the new place:

A big fire pit (burn pile, really) with plenty of seating for some great fellowship and fun with my favorite people.

This place really is a little (and big) boy's paradise.  Yesterday, the boys (hubby included) found a fallen zip line.  They can't wait to set it back up!

For now, we've only moved in small things- not major furniture yet.  We still have to do something with the walls, but we'll just wait to do that the hard way... after we're all moved in.

The new floors look fabulous!!!

It's so wonderful to hear the kids talk about what they're finding and exploring.  Nolyn found what he thought were tadpoles out in the pond yesterday.  "They look like tiny sharks mom!"  With a little more exploring, we found out they were tiny catfish!  I guess the pond has recently been stocked with little bitty fishies! That's exciting.  One day we'll be able to catch some big ol' whoppers!

We've seen some crazy looking bugs too... along with some big ants!

Well, happy Monday, y'all!  Thanks for stopping by for a peek into our life! Let us know you were here and leave a comment.  I'm sorry you have to jump through some hoops to leave a comment here. It's set up that way because, otherwise, I get a lot of spam comments filling my inbox.


Gloria said...

This looks so exciting and know yall are going to have so much fun living here. Loved the pictures, keep them coming. Happy moving.

mdeezy83 said...

Very exciting!! You all are going to have a blast living the country life :)

jeanna said...

Now I get to blog stalk you! Yea. We have a lot in common. Love how much you love the Lord & your fam.

Shannon said...

Hi! I just want you to know how much I enjoy reading your blog :) I nominated you for a blog award. The Liebster Blog Award. You can learn more about it by visiting my blog :)
Have a great day :)

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