Monday, September 3, 2012

& We're moving... again!

Whenever someone asks if we're excited about the move, I say yes, and Brandon says no. Right now he has a list of to-do's going through his head, like tackling the garage and the attic. He's excited about the new place, but not about all the things that need to be done in order to get us settled in.

Yesterday morning we worked more on the children's bedroom design and layout- important to figure out how much space the cots and dresser will take up so we can figure out what else we can fit in there. I've used Pinterest to bring together the mental picture I have for their sleeping quarters. (The kids will be sharing a bedroom, but will also have a lounge room. We thought it best for all their beds to be in one place since the place is small and there are only a total of three bedrooms. I don't think the boys will be indoors much since they will have 12 acres to explore!) I think we have decided to use our bed side tables (which are more like cabinets) in their room rather than sell them. We're trying to plan as much as we can ahead of time so we know what we need to get rid of, and what we'd like to purchase (so we can keep an eye out for the best bang for our buck).  Btw, each square below equals one foot. It's a 16x10 room. Highlighted in yellow are the windows.

I'm keeping lists of things they need to be done, donated, sold, purchased, etc because 1, I like being able to check things off and 2, I might lose my mind if I don't.

It feels really, really great to be able to get rid of so much stuff. By the time we are fully moved, we'll have managed to get rid of at least half of our belongings. It's kind of hard to believe that I was such a pack rat several years ago because I've become fairly minimalistic these last few years, especially this year.

I can't believe we're already in September and in a few weeks we'll be completely moved in to the new casa!  Here's a list of what I really like about the new place (in no particular order).

1. Land, land, laaaaand. (You saw that coming, right?)
2. The back door opens into the laundry room.  Do you see how absolutely genius this is when you have stinky, dirty boys?
3. So many windows. My bathroom has two windows. My bedroom has a huge window. My kitchen has one over the sink.  There's a bay window in the dining and two double windows in the living room.  There's one window in the hallway, one window in the reading/toy room, and three windows in the kids' sleeping quarters.  OH&... there's a sky light in the living room.
4. Screen doors. That's right y'all. Country-living isn't complete unless you have a screen door or two! (And we have one on the front and back doors.) We haven't had a screen door in a long time.
5. Deer. I am really pumped about all the deer that will be hanging out on the land.  We won't be hunting (at least not deer), but I love to see them just.. yanno, hanging out, eating some foliage. I'm not so excited about the 'coons.
6. Bonfires and campouts.  This probably falls under #1, but it really deserves it's own spot. Seriously, I cannot wait to host some really cool parties throughout the fall and (mild-Texas) winter.  We can have BYOT parties (bring your own tent).
7. Split floor plan.  You know, my bedroom on one end of the house, the kids on the other. Love my children, but do not love sharing a bedroom wall when I'm super exhausted.
8. Laminate wood floors AND NO CARPET is enough to make me break out into a musical number.
9. The cottage-like feel. So super cute!
10. The land owners- I really like them. They are super nice folks, and I'm looking forward to getting to know them.

And, hey, now that you suffered through my house-talk....


Arlene said...

Congratulations on the move into the country! Is that a picture of the house you're moving into? It's so you, artistic looking with those colors. I don't blame you for keeping a running list. There's so much to do during a move, along with all the regular day-to-day stuff, it could easily get out of control. Have fun! God bless.

Melissa said...

I am very excited for you guys! Good luck packing and moving! It will be so fun to settle into a new place. And I'm very envious of all the land you'll be calling home!!!

Ericka Muldowney said...

Bonfires and campouts could probably be one of the exciting activities you could have within your house’s vicinity. ;) It’s even a good advantage if your house has its own vacant lot where you can have your recreational activities. And you’re on the right track! Keeping a list should help you avoid confusion when it’s time to unpack. Also, unpack your things, room per room so that things would be more organized and less confusing.

Ericka Muldowney

Delaine Meaney said...

You know this story of yours shows how men and women think differently. Brandon was already thinking about how things are gonna be in the new place, while you were spending your time settling things to get you there. But all the same, the move was a good thing, especially since your kids are young. It’s nice to raise kids in the country, where you feel like you’re always wonderfully safe. :)

Delaine ^.^