Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy 10th Anniversary!

I love your strong sculpted legs, your clean shaven, smooth head and thick masculine eyebrows. Your soft but firm lips, and how your arms wrap around me.  My hand fits perfectly in yours.  You are safe and sturdy to me.  I love the way you look at me. Your massages are the best.  I love the personal "gun show" I get every day as you flex your muscles lifting up children, moving furniture, or opening jars for me.

I love your sense of humor.  You have this ability to make me bust out in laughter no matter what's going on!  I love your playfulness!

I love how you tune into our children.  You are a wonderful father, and I'm so grateful that you are active in their lives.

I love that you consider me in the big and little life decisions (What will we have for supper? to Where should we live?) You're an awesome best friend- tender and thoughtful when you should be, kind and sweet, yet also a defender and tough guy when you need to be. You are amazingly intelligent.  You can figure out anything you put your mind to.  I really believe there are few things you can't do (especially with YouTube around!).

I love that I feel I can trust you- what you say about me, and what you do when I'm not present.  I know my secrets are safe with you- that you won't judge me, or use them against me.  You have always done whatever it takes to provide above and beyond what we need.  Most of all, I love that you love the Lord.  Thank you for being my best friend, love, and the mate I get to help!


Cathy Turner said...

I love how Brandon causes you to post such beautiful things about him.

I love that he takes such good care of you, and our grandchildren.

I love how he and you wanted us to live together, so that I could be cared for. (now, maybe you understand that early marriage and parents don't go together! lol) Especially a concussed MIL!

I loved watching you both grow brain cells together! :) It happened, just like the books said! ha (and my dad was glad for the same!:)

I love how you both love each other and think of each other in all things. I love how he tells me how lucky he is, and how beautiful you are- physically and spiritually.

I love how you both love being parents, and are doing a great job parenting!

I love how he made sure you were able to stay home and be a mother to his children. And I love how you ARE a mother to them, also.

I am doubly thankful that you are raising my grandchildren to fear God, to put Him first, and to Love above all else.

I love everything about you and my
"son", and I'm glad that there is not only a decade of renewal of vows, but a daily one, also.

I love you and the family you brought to us, forever! And for the laughter that we can have, even when things aren't very laughable!


Cathy Turner said...

PS. My dad was glad when he saw your mom and HIS "son" have more braincells too! :) Not you and Brandon! ha So now I understand him better! Thought that sentence needed a PS! lol