Thursday, April 10, 2014

A peek into my art journal

Sometimes I drift from hobbies I really enjoy. Life becomes crowded with to-do's. At first, I'm eager to return to them, but I just don't have time.  Eventually, even when I have time, I choose otherwise simply because it seems like a hassle to get stuff out and then clean it all up.

But a friend of mine planned a worship art session, and I had such an amazing time I felt my passion for art revived.  So, here are some pieces from my art journal:

It started with this, which I created at our ladies worship art evening session.

I felt so overwhelmed by the thoughts, lies, and anxieties in my head.  I drew my desire- that God would "cut it all out" and allow His spirit, His love, overwhelm my body. 

I painted the one above after a morning of recalling the sweet moments with my Daddy on those rare days when he was in charge of fixing my hair.  He loved to part my hair down the middle and pull each side back in a clip.  Honestly, anything else would have taken far too long.  I remember he tried to braid my hair once and it took quite a while. I wasn't complaining though! I have always enjoyed it when people play with my hair!


amy D said...

Mandy you are so talented! I literally love all of these so much! :)
And so awesome that you're tapping into your passion again!

Leah @ The Grace Bond said...

Beautiful! You are definitely blessed with this talent.

PrincessDestiny said...

I love your artwork, as always! :)

lynmaree blom said...

I am LOVING seeing your art journalling! I am just getting into it myself. Its part of making every moment to myself count this year, instead of whittling them away doing things I "should" be doing. Its a very balancing feeling when we mums allow our creative side to come out, even in the insane busyness of life!