Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Little Big News Update!

Has it really been a year and a half since my last post?  That seems a little crazy.  So much has happened in a year and a half, and, well, I don't think I can even begin to "catch up" my blog.

If you follow me on Instagram, than you probably know all the news anyway, but if you don't, then here's the best bit of news to happen since my leave of absence:

We added another little one to our crew! We are now a family of nine.

Meet Jethro Fallon.  He's a month old now!

And Shiloh Mae (age 2) is now a big sister.  She's a super cute big sister who at first didn't want anything to do with Jetty, but after a few days she decided he's pretty awesome, and she should have the right to hold him all the time, any time.  I mean, he is pretty much doll-sized.

Jethro was 5 pounds and 13 ounces when he was born, but he's been gaining pretty steadily (although he still has chicken legs).  He's a super sweet baby, and we're glad he made his way to us!

I know you're probably wondering if we're done yet, because that seems to be the question we get the most.  We think that this is probably it.  Most likely.  I mean, seven is a great number.  I make no promises, but we're feeling pretty strongly that our family is complete.

Someone just loaded up his diaper, so that's my cue. I'm hoping to make more posts in the future, but... well, we'll see. Instagram has become my "blog" these days, so I hope you'll follow me there (@mcmandymom).

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Heather Knox said...

I've tried to find your Instagram account a few times but the user name never turns up any results for me!