Friday, September 16, 2016


In my journal I scribble down, "What if we lay it all down—this pursuit of self-love and self-glory in all its forms, even the ones that are accepted in Christianity today—and simply receive."

I make note, "I can't really love others if I am self-consumed. And I can't even really receive love if I am self-consumed." 

I want to receive love, and I want to give love. But, I see, I'm obsessed with myself. Totally. The Lord unravels me, shows me how crazy self-obsessed I am. It's everywhere. The root of self runs deep.  In the world of trees, it's a Redwood, wide and tall, casting a shadow on all of my life.

"We can cut it down, if you want to," He says.  And the thought is exciting and terrifying and wonderful all at once.  What happens if I stop thinking of myself all. the. time? Trying to make sure I'm okay? What if I stop seeking after acceptance and approval? What if I stop caring about everyone's opinions on my life? Is that even okay? 

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