Sunday, January 15, 2017

Abba Father

Abba, Father...
Like a sigh from deep within, a sigh of relief.
Ahhhhh. Abba, Father.

A shout of joy! Abba, Father!
A receiving of the heart's desire. My Abba Father....

Papa. God. My Papa God.
What an amazing thing to be a daughter of the God. I let that sink in a bit.

It blows my mind.

I can so easily rattle off cliché sayings.  "He's a good Father," and, "I'm a daughter of the Most High God." But right now, I'm letting it roll around in my soul, not just roll off my tongue.

One of my deepest longings is to belong.  I don't think that's a unique desire. I believe all of mankind yearns for a person to see them clearly and love them deeply. I'm no different.

I've searched for it in all the wrong places. I've searched for it in the world as an unbeliever, and I've searched for it in the things of God as a believer. And both have had similar results. I can easily turn the things of God into an idol. Unbelievers aren't the only ones who can exalt the creation above the creator.

If I don't believe that He is the Father, that I find my belonging in Him, I'll go searching elsewhere. I'll demand love, loyalty, and respect where I have no right. I'll put people on pedestals. I'll try to satisfy my longing for depth with shallowness. I'll use people and things to fill the gap, and when they can't, I'll move on to something else, another empty promise from the enemy.

And God, He will let me. He'll let me choose that, choose something or someone over Him. It will grieve Him, but He will wait, like the father waiting for the prodigal son, and when I come limping back, He comes running. He doesn't even wait for me to get to His door. He flings it open, takes off down the street with arms open to receive me in an embrace.

Abba Father!

The truth is, I can stay in that embrace. I don't ever have to leave it.
I've been living in that embrace steadily, with rarely a break, for weeks now....

It's amazing.
His Presence, like a waterfall, saturating me to my bones.
It's what the older brother didn't see- that his father was always there to embrace him, to rejoice over him... to love him. His father's heart was the same toward both sons. 

Because He's a good Father.
And He is faithful.



Angela F said...

The art work in your Bible is amazing. Do you create it all by yourself, including the text, or is it something that's already there & you color it? If it's original, I don't think I could ever come up with anything so lovely! I'm not artistic at all...except in music! By the way, how is Britany? Has she and her family gone on the boat yet? I rememember her saying they were going to sell their house and live on a boat@

Mandy Mom said...

Thanks! Yes I design it myself! Brittany is now sailing on the boat- do you follow her on Facebook?

sarah said...

Beautiful word!